on this page i want to show you some places i think are great and some people (and their places) i think are great too!


i have always thought of ireland as a mystical place. i have never visited it...yet...but i have learned about some of thier culture through some reading i have done and it just makes me want to visit all the more. i adore one of their traditional pieces of jewelry - the claddagh ring - i have had one since i was about 10 yrs old. in fact all the children in my family have one. (the story of the claddagh ring is found on one of the links i supply) recently my friend brought me some irish tea and it is soooo good! i do love my cuppas :) i also have a fascination with irish artists like:

U2 Sinead O'Connor Enya The Chieftans Clannad
Van Morrison The Cranberries

so while i dream of one day visiting the land of the green there are tons of places (all of which can be found on Diane's link below) that i go on the net that help me learn more about the irish and their culture such as: claddaghs and more and Diane's page


i have always loved Boston. i was raised about 6 miles south of it in Quincy, Massachusetts. yes it's true i have the undying accent but don't make me say it, i refuse to say "pahhhk the cahhh in hahhhvahhhd yahhhd." we moved to vermont when i was 12 and i had to say that so many times i forgot what it meant. anyhow i would like to pay tribute to my "hometown" in a few ways by giving some great links. the first of which has to do with memories of sunday mornings on a curb putting papers together. not only did i deliver Quincy's Patriot Ledger, i also delivered . boy was that a heavy paper! especially when i had to carry so many! it's got lots of great stuff in it like classifieds and tons of news! here's the link, which is updated every 30 minutes! the globe online if you are interested in boston in general then here is a day (in pictures) of boston which is also updated frequently collage de boston and if you are interested in what quincy has to offer (other than two very dead presidents) go here: Quincy and, last but not least is a link to irish pubs in Boston...i plan of visiting some of these for myself :) pubs


i love animals very much - even if my dog nearly broke my nose and my cat throws up at least once a week :( *ugh* animals can bring so much into a persons life :) my dog's name is Cookie and she is a mix of irish setter and golden retriever she's cute :) if i had my way though i'd have an irish wolf hound!(IRW) they are huge dogs - my latin teacher had one *wow* talk about a dog! if you are interested in IWH's or dogs go here: IWH Homepage my cat's name is Romeo and he is a short haired orange and white hmmmm something or other, a meower and kinda reminds me of this guy :)
          __  _-==-=_'-.
         /--`' \_@~@.--> The Wonderful thing about Tiggers
         `--'\ \  <_>     Is Tiggers are wonderful things. 
               >=\\_/`<    Their tops are made out of rubber 
   ____       /=|   \_/     Their bottoms are made out of spring.
 _'    `\   _/=== \__/       They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
`___/ //\./=/~\====\          Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!
    \    // /  | ===|       _  But the best thing about Tiggers is
     |  ._/_,__|_ ==|      / \\ I'm the only one!                                                                             
     \/    \\ \\`=-|      /==|-\
      `.__' `-____/       |--|==|
         \    \ ===\      |==|`-'
         _>    \ ===\    /==/ 
        /==\   |  ===\__/--/
       <=== \  /  ====\ \\/
       _`--  \/  === \/--'
     |        \ ==== |
      -`------/`--' /
if you would like to check out a zoo online check out this place Texas Zoo i've been to the DFW Zoo in Texas and regardless of it being 104° that day it was most enjoyable! i also love frogs "RIBBIT" hey if you like frogs like i do then go here: The Frog Prince


i am in awe of the moon. if i could visit it i would - but in the meantime i guess i will just look at it.

if you would like to learn more about the moon go to this very educational moon link: luna


here i would like to put any links to my friends (and other people who i might not even know that well) pages and what they are about (if i can determine or ummmm summarize :) i also will put a couple links to a chat site i love and how you might find chats YOU will love!

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