of course there are tons of things that i find entertaining - but i can't list them ALL here. i will however list SOME...

kneel in prayer here
"Years go by if I'm stripped of my beauty and the orange clouds raining in my head
Years go by will I choke on my tears till finally there is nothing left..."

i have always loved tori - since the first time i heard her (way back in college!!! *hee hee*) if you don't know who she is...
i suggest: ...in my search of things "TORIESQUE" i found over 20,000 places to go...i don't have THAT much time but i did find a site where there are links to other great ones like the CHURCH...please visit this site as well which will link you to many splendiferous places de tori MUCHO tori



there are a lot of people i like to listen to - but some even more than others...it was difficult to choose who i wanted to put on my page and who i didn't...here are some folks that i just love to listen to - if you follow the links you can hear samples of their work! JEWEL is one of my favorite artists...she is new and poetic and her voice is interesting...you can find out more about jewel at:
a real jem <---- this is where you will find two wavs of her work, lyrics and pics
alaskan girl <---this is where you will find out more about jewel the person...where she comes from etc.

have you heard the most intoxicatingly romantic voice ever? well if you've heard VAN MORRISON you have!!! my all time favorite song by him is "MOONDANCE" and i have vowed to have it played at my wedding...*cha*
"Well it's a marvellous night for a moondance with the stars up above in your eyes
a fantabulous night to make romance 'neath the cover of October skies..."
more (such as lyrics and meanings and pics and more links) about this great singer can be found here: van the man


i found james in a store one day...he looked familiar, good...i wanted him all around me so i took him home...hung him up on my wall...he was larger than life size...and that was the beginning of our relationship. after that i went a little nuts...nearly creating a shrine for him in my room. soon there was no wall space left...i moved to the ceiling...hung things from odd places... here i will minimalize my love for him...but don't ever forget he is still alive in the hearts of millions!!!


he, devine
black and white
ageless time
just so...and yet
(poem de laur)

please take the link if you are interested in finding out more about the man who said the following:
"My purpose in life does not include a hankering to charm society"
"I think the prime reason for existence, for living in this world is discovery."
"I hate anything that limits progress and growth."
"The only greatness for a man is immortality."




i have a love for this afternoon show - even the theme song for it makes me nearly cry (the paul simon version not the patti labelle version). this woman has been the inspiration for many of the things i do in my life - one being THE GRATITUDE JOURNAL in which you write at least five things that you are grateful for each day...it helps to keep a person HAPPY if you would like to learn more about OPRAH please go here: OPRAH

another of my fave shows is on in the late evening. it's educational, interesting and "meant for adult audiences" - it's: LOVELINE a show about love, relationships, drugs and all sorts of things that people should be aware of...if you would like more information about this show and when it's on and who the hosts are (i personally like dr. drew's input) you can go to this site... LINE OF LOVE and if you are particularly interested in either of the hosts just click on their face and that will take you to their "personal page"

this show is one that i can't live without seeing...now that it is in reruns i can even see it three times a day (on thursdays when the moon is full and i have had four glasses of chocolate milk) just kidding it's how our satellite operates :) anyhow i love this show and am a bit preoccupied with shoes and thus i love this pic don't you just love elaine's shoes? remember the episode where her "friend" blackmails her and she has to give her the shoes??? well if you don't perhaps my fellow seinfeld lover does and maybe you could even talk about it with him - his seinfeld page is really cool Andrew's Seinfeld Page and if that isn't enough to tide you over go here: NBC'S Seinfeld Page

i am so in love with the "Music of the Night" *sigh* i would nearly die if i ever got to see THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA but til that glorious evening i go here in order to keep up on what's happening with the show: Phantom Homepage

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